Who We Are

Bob Molle

Bob is a tall man.....well Bob is also an Olympic medalist (Wrestling 1984), multiple Grey Cup winner (Blue Bombers) and a real mensch. Bob's experience managing sales teams, coaching football teams and cultivating meaningful relationships helps Phones4Good build solid partnerships.

Tyler Riggs

Tyler is a little man...well, that is because he is only 10 years old. Tyler has a huge heart and a sharp mind. Tyler manages our database of phones collected, fixed and distributed. Tyler logs the phones into the system, takes out the memory cards, sim card etc. Tyler then charges the device, runs the diagnostics and then wipes the device to factory settings.

Peter Holgate

Peter has big plans....and an even bigger personality (some would call it an oversized ego). Peter has founded, built and exited several successful businesses. After raising over $10M for Ronin8 while CEO, Peter decided to focus on a different area of electronic waste and is the driving force behind Phones4Good.

Jan C. Pieterse

Jan lives in Africa...specifically, South Africa where he is the Phones4Good volunteer representative. Jan has lived and worked in the harshest conditions on earth and this makes him uniquely qualified to ensure that the devices we collect are distributed to people who need it most.


We then reuse the phones in helping the disenfranchised - rather than treated as garbage for the landfill.

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